Master Plan Implementation Meeting-State of Kuwait

Master Plan Implementation Meeting-State of Kuwait

Meeting on the Implementation of the Master Plan

In accordance with Decision 23 of the Sixteenth ROPME Council Meeting convened in Jeddah, K. Saudi Arabia, on the 28th November 2013, the Regional Technical and Legal Master Plan Implementation Meeting was convened in the State of Kuwait on the 3rd and 4th of December 2014. The Meeting was convened to review and follow up all the Decisions related to the Master Plan in terms of introducing, studying and highlighting the Master Plan Implementation phase. 

The development of the implementation phase of the Master Plan is addressing the regional strategy to sustainably manage the ever-increasing challenges in the maritime sector to the benefit of the marine environment in the RSA.

Since the Master Plan study covers all aspects and measures of the marine environment protection, which cover entirely all the Programme Decisions of the ROPME Council, the Eighth Oil Spill Response Regional Officers’ (OSRO) Meeting (10th-12th March, 2014 – State of Qatar) integrated all those programme activities under the Master Plan Implementation.

The Meeting was attended by the Member States' representatives from K. Bahrain, IR. Iran, R. of Iraq, State of Kuwait, State of Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, K. Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The Meeting was also attended by the Independent Consultants, the Regional observers and advisors as well as MEMAC’s professional staff.

The Meeting was opened by HE Dr. Abdul Rahman A. Al-Awadi, Executive Secretary of ROPME, who  welcomed all the Member States’ Representatives, Experts, Observers and Respected Guests. HE emphasized on the importance of the cooperation and coordination among all parties on the national and regional levels to protect our Region and our Marine Environment for the existing and the future generations. He stated that the Master Plan is a wide subject, covering several activities which include almost all of MEMAC program and activities assigned by the ROPME Council. The Master Plan program itself started as standalone project addressing the future planning of how the Region shall be fitted out with pollution and navigational hazards prevention and control capabilities, based on the future trade volumes and the possible hazards to the environment. Also, he stated that the Region encounters vast developments resulted from several projects and activities in the Region which are under process besides the shipping traffic to serve these developments which cause a heavy stress on the Marine Environment. He highlighted the importance of increasing Safety and Quality, awareness about environmental and safety issues which would reduce the Risk to the Marine Environment, eliminate substandard shipping and give positive images for the Region.

All the Meeting sessions and subjects were dealt with, introduced and given on the following order: Purpose of Session, Background, Strategic Objective, Role of the Committee, Theme Approach, Detailed Objectives, Roadmap, Discussions and Feedback.

Captain A. M. AL-Janahi, MEMAC Director, introduced the Master Plan background and context. He stated that the Master Plan study commenced in 2007 upon the ROPME Council approval, by carrying out a detail survey for the Member States and the Regional existing environment and maritime system. The study includes Gap Analysis, Risk Analysis, Risk Reduction Package and Cost-Benefit Calculation which were concluded by several facts and serious to “unacceptable” level, tending to “unacceptable” risk in the future. Also, the study set a serious of recommendations to be executed to raise the preparedness level of the Region and enhance the marine environment and safety.

Start Date:

Wednesday, December 03 2014

End Date:

Thursday, December 04 2014