Regional Workshop on Contingency Planning for Response to Spills of HNS and Oil in the Marine Environment

Regional Workshop on Contingency Planning for Response to Spills of HNS and Oil in the Marine Environment

This Workshop was convened on 6th September 2015 in accordance with the Sixteenth ROPME Council Decision No. 15/ 10-ii, as well as a necessity to update and refresh our Regional cadres’ knowledge and information, gaining the latest experience with regard to methods, techniques and researches related to the marine emergency response. We must always be fully prepared to response to any type of marine emergency response whether it is oil or HNS, especially that we have a heavy shipping traffic in a semi-closed and small sea area, such as ROPME Sea Area carrying a variety of different chemical, oil and gas products. In fact, we should not wait till the incident takes place and raise the alarm, where it could be a catastrophic damage. So, this gathering was of a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and to gain benefits from the experts as well as from each other.

Welcoming address


Statement of MEMAC was given by Capt. A. M. Al-Janahi, MEMAC Director. Statement of IMO was given by M. Korcak on behalf of IMO. Statement of the Permanent Emergency Committee of the State of Qatar, Statement of the Host Country – by the Ministry of Environment.


Workshop Aims and Objectives


Introduction to Spill Response: Dangers and challenges of an Oil/HNS Spill

Spill Response: Organisation and steps, Differences of Oil and HNS Response Operations

Legislation: The work of IMO, Benefits of Ratifying the Conventions, OPRC-HNS Protocol

Chemical Substances: Toxic effects of HNS, Environmental effects of HNS

Chemical Substances - The work of GESAMP: GESAMP/EHS Activities - Evaluation of Products

HNS Transportation: Modes of HNS Transport, types of accidents and hazards, use of IMDG Code and Supplements

MARPOL Annex II: Key issues including Classification of Products

Response Equipment: Demonstration of the basic Oil/HNS Spill Response Equipment belongs to Ministry of Interior - Civil Defence of Qatar

Response to Oil and HNS - Section A: Key Components of an Emergency Response System

Response to Oil and HNS - Section B: Response Organisation

Response to Oil and HNS - Section C: Response Methods – Vessels

Response  to Oil and HNS- Section D:Response  Methods – Oil / HNS Releases

Response to Oil and HNS- Section E: Health and Safety

Response to Oil and HNS- Sections F & G: Decontamination & Disposal

Response to Oil and HNS : Media

Response to Oil and HNS- Section H: Post Operational Activity

Case Histories – Discussion on Key Aspects: Major Oil Spills, Major HNS Spills Compensation & Liability Schemes: HNS Convention

Contingency Planning to Oil and HNS spills

Risk Assessment to Oil/HNS Spills

Spill Preparedness in the ROPME: Country by Country presentations on current status of national contingency plans

Discussion: The Way Forward: Review of RSA Region HNS Contingency Plan, National Oil / HNS Contingency Plans, Regional Oil / HNS Contingency Plan

Action Plan: The Way Forward :Agreement on Action Plan






Start Date:

Sunday, September 06 2015

End Date:

Tuesday, September 08 2015