MEMAC Training

Training is one of MEMAC's functions where priority is given to improve the skills and knowledge of the Member States' cadres in managing spills oil, chemicals or any other harmful substances emergencies and response and combating techniques, aiming to reinforce and facilitate cooperation within the countries of the Region.


MEMAC started with a few training programmes in oil spill combating, but now it has reached to a high number of training programmes on all skill levels in many areas, covering all aspects of the protection of the marine environment from pollution whether it is oil or chemicals or any other harmful substances in cases of emergencies. The training programmes are designed and tailored to the needs of the ROPME Region and run by qualified internationally recognized experts. Some of the training programmes, which are set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), have been utilized and run in a close cooperation with the IMO. Other well-known organizations, such as the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund (IOPC Fund), International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Limited (ITOPF), and International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA), have also assisted in providing experts to run some training programmes.


By organizing the training a programme, MEMAC has attains a number of trained and skilled professional cadres in different relevant fields of the marine environment. These cadres are considered as assets for the Member States, whose expertise can be utilised during marine emergencies or any other marine protection programmes. Their contacts can be obtained from the link.


The Personnel Trained by MEMAC Reference and Contacts


The MEMAC Regional Training has successfully run a number of training courses on maintenance and deployment of oil spill equipment as well as on issues concerning marine pollution, including the following

  • Oil Spill Response Operators
  • Oil Spill Response Supervisors
  • Oil Spill Response Managers
  • MARPOL 73/78: Senior Managers
  • Oil Spill Shoreline Clean-up Technicians
  • Hazardous Material Emergency Response: Technicians
  • Hazardous Material Emergency Response: Team Leaders
  • First Responders on Oil Spill Response and Preparedness: Operators
  • Chemical Response Incident Commanders (IMO Level 3)
  • Damage Assessment Techniques
  • Oil Spill Response Supervisors and On-scene Commanders (IMO Level 2)
  • Oil Spill Trajectory Modeling Systems
  • Legal and Technical Officers on OPRC ,1990 Convention
  • Train the Experts on Marine Environmental High Risk Areas (MEHRAs)
  • Cadres of the Regional Meeting on Search and Rescue
  • Senior Oil Spill Response Administrators and Managers
  • Oil Spill Emergency Drill Exercise
  • Port State Control
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response to Radiation Incidents
  • Desalination and Power Plant Protection
  • Senior Administrators for Implementation of MARPOL 73/78 Convention
  • London Convention
  • Advance Oil Spill Response Supervisors
  • Advance Oil Spill Response Managers


List of different Regional Training Programmes and Subject contents


MEMAC always follows determinative training policy such as searching globally for the high qualified professionals in the field as well as carrying out theoretical and practical training courses, and continues following up the latest technology, conventions and legislation related to the protection of the marine environment from pollution. The entire training programmes are assigned by the ROPME Council under precise delineation and studies to meet the Region's requirements.